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The Blue Virgin



 In her stunning, debut mystery novel set in Oxford, England, M. K. Graff keeps the reader guessing who-done-it.  Her sophisticated literary style together with her compelling plot and cast of characters made the book impossible to put down.  P. D. James step aside. . .

                                         --Joan Seliger Sidney, Body of Diminishing Motion

 The Blue Virgin, by M. K. Graff

The mysterious death of Bryn Wallace draws American author Nora Tierney to Oxford to clear her close friend Val Rogan, who has been wrongfully accused of Bryn's murder.  Or has she?  Nora quickly becomes embroiled in the murder investigation, much, to the dismay of Detective Inspector Declan Barnes and the illustrator of Nora's children's book, Simon Ramsey.  Simon's efforts to save Nora from herself become increasingly frantic as Nora is forced to use her wits and wiles to prove Val's innocence.  

Graff is wise in the ways of human hearts.  The Blue Virgin reveals our desires and devotions in all of their glorious and grotesque possibilities.  No one character is simple, and no one perspective wins primacy of place, yet through the eyes of protagonist Nora Tierney, we are shown all that is most deeply human.  Along the way, Graff tells a damn fine story.

 --Toni Amato, founder/director, WHWN professional writers' services; editor, Sideshow Press  

The first in a series of Nora Tierney mysteries, The Blue Virgin is a compelling story of love and intrigue.  Nothing, Nora learns, is what it seems, and even the most innocent of choices can lead to murder and revenge.  

The Blue Virgin is a suspenseful and urgent novel, immediately gaining this reader's interest.  Graff has created distinctive, well-drawn characters--some sympathetic or strong, others sinister or creepy or annoying--but all are memorable, while the descriptive setting paints a true  picture of this lovely area.

 --Liz Jones, Bright Wings Broken


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