About Bridle Path Press

All too often nowadays publishing houses, forced to concentrate on sales and profits, turn down quality books because of a perceived lack of marketability.  At the same time, lack of editorial control has made readers leery of self-published books.  

Hence the creation of Bridle Path Press: a new kind of publishing venture, serving the needs of writers and readers alike.

All books published by Bridle Path Press are approved by the Editorial Board, ensuring works of the highest quality in both content and design.  Writers who publish with Bridle Path invest in their own work and retain one hundred percent ownership of their books.  Freed from monetary concerns, the press is able to make selections based on literary merit alone.

Our books compel and fascinate, teach and entertain.  Whether in ebook format or hard copy, they are objects of beauty, a pleasure to peruse.  We invite you to experience Bridle Path Press, where books are changing the lives of readers, writers. . .and the world.