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1st Place Short Story: Samantha Egerton

Shipwrecked The water poured over the sides of our boat. We are lost, is an unending scene of angry black water. Thunder claps louder than a gunshot, rattling everything surrounding me. Lightning lit everything up temporally. I can see my friend, Lauren, who was on the boat with me. Crimson blood runs down her cheek form a cut. Her hair soaked from the rain and the waves.As the light disappeared, a black piece of fabric went over my eyes and I could see nothing. I could her her getting sick over the side of the boat from the relentless rocking. Where were we? When will this end? Will we even survive?I do not know what will happen to Lauren and I, only God knows that. While I sit here in the dark, awaiting my fate, let me start from the beginning of the day, the beginning of the story. As the red sun rose over the city skyline, Lauren and I were rising out of our warm covers and put on our boating gear. We wanted to get out of our busy life in the city for just one day, we were going to the beach the take my family's big boat out into the ocean for a relaxing day on the water. Lauren and I go to work in the busy life of the city five days out of the week and it really takes a toll on somebody's mental health. We drove the two hour drive to the crystal like water of the Atlantic Ocean and drove up to the dock. We walked on the gray wood of the dock with all the color sucked out of it by the harsh sunlight. The weather was perfect. No clouds and a light breeze, you would of had no idea a storm would be coming through that night. Lauren and I stepped into the large white boat that looked like a big snowball compared to the dark blue water. I slowly drove into the calmest part of the ocean I could find and Lauren and I just talked and relaxed in the sun, working on our golden tans. The area of water we were in was calm and the light breeze was still around. I had deep conversations with my bestfriend and we had a great time. We got into some wine on the boat and kept talking. After we got into the wine and I fell asleep, I had no idea what happened until the boat started rocking furiously and we were getting rained on. I jumped up fast, I saw no land around anywhere and no other boats. I had no idea where we were of what had happened. Lauren was franticly trying to get her phone to work but there was no service of course, because we were in the middle of the ocean. The next thing thing I thought to do was to turn on the motor and drive away from this mess, but, it would not crank. There was no gas. I forgot to check the gas tank before we left. That is how we ended up where we are now. In a situation that will probably kill us and there is nothing we can do about it. What can we do? I go over to sit with Lauren. I tell her to just sit on the floor by the steering wheel with me. We will sit this out together. We always sit everything out together whether it is a physical or emotional storm. I must of been hit in the head with something, because when I opened my eyes, it was bright. My face was laying on sand and there was a soft pleasant breeze. I slowly tried to get up, my head was pounding. The light hurt my eyes and my left arm hurt so bad, I could not put any weight on it. I roll myself over on my back, not looking directly at the sun but to either side of me. I do not see Lauren on the stretch of beach I am on. I do not see any buildings around either. I see debris from what I can only assume was out boat. I get up. I start to walk around, try to figure out where I am but I see nothing. Will I survive? I put my arm in a makeshift sling using my pants. After a day of walking with the sling on, I found some berries and an injured bird, I killed with a stick. I mashed the berries and put them on the bird meat and cooked it over a fire. I could not find Lauren anywhere, but I still hadn't circled the whole island or wherever I was so there was still hope. I ate my dinner which actually wasn't too bad. I slept by the fire I had made and hoped no animal came along and ate me. I woke up the next morning and continued on my journey around the island. I began to see more pieces of what I can only assume was our boat. As I came up on pieces of the boat, I sifted through them trying to find anything at all that I recognized. All I found was a part of the name of the boat confirming it was part of ours. It was beginning to get dark so I looked for more food, I was starving. I found another bird and more berries. I was just about to set up camp for the night when I say a large rock with something stuck to it. I dropped my things and ran to it. Was is Lauren? It was her. I ran shouting her name over and over again but no answer. I got to her. She was blue, her eyes closed. I felt for a pulse, nothing. Lauren was dead.