Stone Harbor Bound

Stone Harbor Bound

In this lyrical new novel, Madeleine Mysko, author of Bringing Vincent Home, sets a compelling story about grief and healing on the Jersey Shore.  Following the death of her partner, Bridget, Camille PIckett heads to Stone Harbor.  All she has to do now is make a decision about the small bungalow she inherited.  Instead she is drawn into the troubles of two young people she meets, leading her to question the meaning of family, and how love can endure conflict, illness, and addiction.  The mystery is that for so long she has been bound for--and bound to--Bridget's beloved Stone Harbor.


Only a seasoned and serious writer of Madeleine Mysko's skills could have written a novel like Stone Harbor Bound . . .and done it with such artistry and ease.  I wanted this novel to go on, and believe me, not because I felt in any way shortchanged, but because it was such a terrific reading experience.  

--Stephen Dixon


In prose as brimful with mystery and beauty as a tidal pool, Madeleine Mysko renders the Jersey shore and the American ideal of the summer place in all their complexity and contradiction.

--John Reimringer, author of Vestments 


Stone Harbor Bound is a compelling and  profoundly intimate dive into the tender soul of family, friendship, love and loss.  Your heart will break and mend again for each of these beautifully and delicately drawn characters. 

--Jessica Anya Blau, author of The Wonder Bread Summers

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