The Scarlet Wench

The Scarlet Wench

The Scarlet Wench: A Nora Tierney Mystery, by M.K. Graff

In this, the third Nora Tierney mystery, American writer Nora is excited about the arrival of Grayson Lange's Traveling Theatre Troupe who will put on Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit at Ramsey Lodge.  Her son now six months old, Nora must juggle parenting with helping her friend Simon Ramsey run the lodge.  She's also hoping to further her relationship with the only lodge guest not in the cast: Detective Inspector Declan Barnes, ostensibly there for a hiking trip.  When a series of pranks and accidents escalate to murder, Nora realizes her child is in jeapardy, and is determined to help Declan unmask a killer.


The Scarlet Wench has all the ingredients of a good read: atmospheric setting, intriguing characters, complex plot, and excellent writing.  

--Rebecca Tope, author of The Cotswold Series and The Lake District Series


M.K Graff layers her textured tale with dead-serious intrigue amidst everyday concerns.  Reflecting the author's sharpt wit, murder is set in the dreamy and seemingly innocent English Lake District.  Get ready for a delightful British holiday complete with morning tea and aproned cooks, but beneath it all you'll discover grisly humanity--and heorism.

--Dr. Susan Gayle Todd, Weird Sisters Women's Theater Collective

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